Who We Are

Sector was established in 1991 to offer high quality IT services. Over the past 30 years, the company has developed a reputation for reliable services, responsiveness to customer needs and award-winning innovation in a fast changing environment.

Since 2000, Sector has been in a strategic partnership with Locata Housing Services to develop and support all Locata’s Choice-based Lettings and Homelessness applications. Over 20 years, the client list has grown to hundreds of housing providers throughout the UK.

All of our solutions are hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud in UK data centres. All of our development and support services are carried out within the UK.

What We Are Saying

Kate talks about our recent decision to move our servers to Microsoft Azure Cloud services

  • What is Microsoft Cloud?

    Azure is Microsoft’s cloud offering. Where organisations host their servers is changing from hosting real servers in a data centres to having virtual servers in the cloud.
  • Where were our servers previously if not in the cloud?

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