Meet Us

A little bit about the management team

Mark Nangle - Chief Executive

Specialises in project management, mentoring, strategic planning.
Spiderman or Superman? Is he tough, listen bud he’s got radioactive blood
Would rather be watching Birmingham city lift the European cup.

David Robertson - Architecture Director

Specialises in architecture, the user experience, new technologies.
Who do you most look up to? Daffy Duck – my hero, my role model
Would rather be hot smoking wild salmon.

Kate Nash - Support Director

Specialises in project management, cloud infrastructure
How do you unload a plane of jelly beans? Pour in boiling water and then pump them out - if you want to save the plane not the jelly beans.
Would rather be shooting clays and catching salmon.

Gary Hatfield - Operational Director

Specialises in project delivery.
Most proud of completing the London & Berlin marathons
Would rather be snowboarding in Canada

Luke Hatfield - Technical Director

Specialises in writing cool code, making things work.
Favourite flavour of crisps Prawn cocktail!
Would rather be diving in the Philipines